Our Tick Spray Programs run from

​  April through November  

 ~consists of 8 Monthly Treatments~

We also offer Synthetic Tick Spraying as well. 

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To help assist your family needs, Soden Tree Experts Inc. offers:

copied from CDC.GOV

Synthetic Tick Spray

With the rise of ticks in Connecticut, it has become a major public health concern and we strongly recommend and encourage treating your lawn with the proper care and treatment known as tick spraying.  Ticks are not only nuisance pests. They spread potentially-life threatening infectious diseases such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and the Powassan virus that you, your household and your four-legged friends can contract. Organic tick spraying will help ease the trouble of unwanted ticks on your property and alleviate worry while enjoying the outdoors. In addition to treating your property, our arborist can make recommendations on how to make your yard less tick-friendly. 

  • Insects can build up a resistance to it.
  • Ticks may be re-introduced from surrounding areas by host animals.
  • Re-entry once the yard is dry.

Organic Tick Spray                  


Tick Spraying

Pre-Pay for our 2019 Organic Tick Spray Program and get your


​​​Soden Tree Experts Inc.​​

  • Immediately starts working on ticks.
  • Re-entry times in minutes instead of hours.
  • Safer to pets and children.
  • Eliminates larva before they hatch.
  • Insects do not build up a resistance to it.
  • ​Destroys ticks comfort levels so ticks get over whelmed and relocate.
  • Creates a barrier of re-entry
  • Increase desired results-(no pests)
  • Provides 3-4 weeks of repellent control on property.
  • Recommended applications are every 30-60 days.
  • will not stain walkways or patios.
  • Used on turf, trees and shrubs.
  • Controls insect infestations.
  • Not only does the application control the tick populations but it helps control

-mosquitoes                  -earwigs

-fleas                            -European crane flies

-white grubs                  -grasshoppers

-mole crickets               - leaf hoppers

-ants                             -millipedes

-army worms                 -pillbugs

-billbugs                       -sowbugs

-chinchbugs                  -sod webworms

-crickets                      -and other landscape pests

-cut worms